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9月 「自然からの贈り物」

Letter September "Gift from Nature"

朝夕は空気もひんやりと感じられる今日この頃。一日の気温差が大きくなり、今時季は露ができやすくなるのだそうです。古の人は朝の光を受けて白く輝く露を「白露」と表現しました。その美しさは宝石にもたとえられ、「銀露 (ぎんろ)」「露珠 (ろしゅ)」、「月の雫」とも呼ばれています。朝靄が立ち込める川辺を散歩すると、草花がまとった露がきらきらと光を放つ美しい情景と出合うこともあり、自然からの贈り物に感謝して、二度とない今日という一日が始まります。

It's around this time that the air feels cool in the morning and evening. It is said that the daily temperature difference will increase and dew will be more likely to occur this season. Older people described the dew that shines white in the morning light as "white dew." Its beauty is likened to a jewel, and it is also called "Ginro", "Roshu", or "Moondrop". When you take a walk along the riverside where the morning mist is crowded, you may come across a beautiful scene where the dew covered with flowers shines brightly, and thanks to the gifts from nature, the day of today will never begin again.








塩沼亮潤 「幸いをいただきまして このひとときを大切に」より

[Monthly Word]

There are certainly many pains and pains in life, but in retrospect, there must be fun and joy. Instead of ruining this treasure day by day, pay attention to every move you make, pay close attention to each word you throw, and quietly express your kindness and compassion. I think this is the most necessary thing in this era.


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