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10月 「秋の声を楽しむ」

Letter October "Enjoy the voice of autumn"

秋の夜長、虫たちの声が心地よく響き渡っていますね。紫式部の『源氏物語』では松虫を庭に放ち、宴でその声を楽しむ様子が描かれています。 虫聞きは、花見と同じく、宮廷生活の文化の一つでした。こおろぎ、鈴虫、松虫たちは寿命まで鳴き続けるといわれています。草むらで鳴く虫の声に耳を澄ませ、しみじみと物思いにふけるひととき。それもまた、もののあはれ。風情ある秋の楽しみ方ではないでしょうか。






塩沼亮潤「春夏秋冬 自然に生きる」より

The voices of insects echo comfortably during the long autumn nights. Murasaki Shikibu's "The Tale of Genji" depicts a pine bug being released into the garden and enjoying its voice at a feast. Insect listening, like cherry blossom viewing, was one of the cultures of court life. Crickets, bell worms, and pine bugs are said to continue to sing for the rest of their lives. Listen to the voices of insects crying in the grass, and have a moment of pensiveness. That is also mono no aware. Isn't it a tasteful way to enjoy autumn?

[Monthly Word]

Whether you ask for more or keep pursuing far-reaching dreams, you just struggle.

Encourage the family and people you meet in the day today.

Make a mess about what you have learned in the past and what you have learned in your training

You can tell it on your back without trying to tell the other person.


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