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3月 「夢見鳥」

Letter March "Yumemidori"



蝶のもう一つの呼び名は「夢見鳥(ゆめみどり)」。これは古代中国の思想家 荘子が蝶になった夢を見た「胡蝶の夢」の故事に由来すると言われています。







塩沼亮潤 「寄りそう心」より

The 72nd season of this season is "Namushichou".

Rapeseeds generally refer to butterfly larvae and green worms. Around the time when the green worm emerged and became a butterfly, it was about to appear in the garden of Jiyokuji Temple and the countryside of Akiho.

Another name for butterflies is "Yumemidori". It is said that this is due to the story of "The Butterfly Dream," in which the ancient Chinese thinker Zhuang Zhou dreamed of becoming a butterfly.

Spring scenery with butterflies fluttering in colorful flowers. It's like a dream.

[Monthly Word]

Dreams are not so easy to come true.

Even if I lived for 100 years, it was only 36,500 days.

Once a day, even if I keep dreaming in my heart, 36,500 times.

Dreams will come true only if you continue to challenge and strive for tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of times.


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