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5月 「悪しき心のモグラたたき」

Letter May "Whac-A-Mole with a bad heart"





There is a word "knot leaf" in the early summer season word. In the season when the bushes of trees are flourishing, young leaves overlap and look as if they are holding hands, which was described by old people as "knot leaves".

Let's look up at the sky. The leaves that shine in the sunlight hold hands together, grow up to cover the sky, and protect us from the heat of summer. All of you staying in Akiu will be able to enjoy the view of Otaki in early summer, and soak in the hot water while being healed by the fresh greenery. I think that the green of the fragrant season has the pure power to clear the cloudiness of the heart at once. By the way, one book "How to walk in life" written by Acharya Oa. It contains 27 tips for living a sunny life every day, with an immovable heart that you just keep walking on a 48km mountain road every day. Let me introduce the words of Acharya from among them.


人はいつどんなときでも 心が清らかでありたいと願うものであります。清らかな心に勝るものはありませんが、心清らかな人、そういう状態ではない人、慎んで生きている人、そうでない人がおります。しかし、神さまや仏さまは どんな人にもいつもやさしく微笑んで下さっています。私たちにとって、与えられた環境から起こる喜怒哀楽、さまざまな感情をどうコントロールしていくかが生涯の行になります。


[Monthly Word]

People want to have a pure heart at any time. There is nothing better than a pure heart, but there are those who are pure, those who are not in that state, those who live modestly, and those who are not. However, God and Buddha always smile kindly to any person. For us, how to control the emotions and emotions that arise from a given environment is a lifelong process. It is the line of life to learn the evil heart and live modestly at any time, and I think that we must carry out this evil heart whac-a-mole throughout our lives.


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