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4月 「春の雨」

Letter April "Spring rain"









塩沼亮潤 「寄りそう心」より

In Akiu, where Jigenji is located, there is a change of seasons according to the calendar. The scent of spring that passed through Setsubun and was in the snow. Snow turns into rain, and colorful flowers such as cherry blossoms are fluttering.

The rain that continues for more than three days during this season is called "Shunrin". "Rin" is a word that refers to a long rain. Speaking of "Harushigure", it is a shower rain.

The growing vegetation and the rain that falls on the flowers are bright and brilliant, and it sounds like a whisper of spring to us living in this snowy country.

[Monthly Word]

If you can make someone in front of you smile,

If you can share happiness with someone you have a relationship with,

You are like a magician.

The basis is always to keep the window of mind bright and open.


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