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4月 「桜ほころぶ」

Letter April "Season of Sakura"








塩沼亮潤 「寄りそう心」より

Sakura season has come this year as well. Spring when all over Japan is dyed in sakura.

The founder of Shugendo carved the figure of Zao Daigongen with a cherry tree and was enshrined at the summit of Mt. Omine and Mt. Kinpusenji. Mt. Yoshino is a famous place for cherry blossoms, which is said to be the best in Japan, and the cherry tree is a sacred tree. Mt. Yoshino has become a famous place for worshipers to plant cherry trees one by one as a feeling for Zao Daigongen.

Spring is a special season for Dai Ajari.

[Monthly Word]

Life is born in this world and has already begun when you realize it.

If it's a stage or a play, there is practice and there is a production,

but from the moment life is born, every day is the real thing.


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