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「塩沼亮潤 大阿闍梨基金」第1回経常助成の支援先団体が決定いたしました

"Ryojun Shionuma Dai Ajari Fund" 1st Grant Recipient Organizations Decided

2021年12月に創設した「塩沼亮潤 大阿闍梨基金~ともに寄り添うプラットフォーム~」は、厳しい暮らしに直面している子どもや生活困窮者をケア、支援する非営利団体などに対して、資金支援を行うことを目的としております。




Established in December 2021, the “Ryojun Shionuma Daiajari Fund-A platform to snuggle together-” provides financial support to non-profit organizations that care for and support children and the needy who are facing a difficult life. I aim to do it.

In addition to Ryojun Shionuma's lecture fees, we have also received warm donations from everyone who sympathized with us, and have accumulated a certain amount of funds. ) has started the first public offering. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who cooperated with us.

As a result, we received applications from 57 organizations from all over the country, and 11 organizations were selected as a result of a rigorous examination by a third-party review committee. For information on support organizations, please see the URL below.


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